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Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass


Tempered glass is produced by first heating float glass to the softening point in tempered glass production line ,and then cooling the glass rapidly and averagely with high-speeded and high-pressured cold wind.the formation of uniform compressive stress on the surface of tempered glass and internai tensile stress effectively enhance the release of bending and impact

  Our tempered glass production lines are carefully studied,jointly explored and specially designed by professional and technical as well as experts from equipment manufactures according to the demand of the market.Our jointly developed professional equipment with independent intellectual property is one of the largest equipment in scale in China,which has already been proved by practice to meet the daily increasing demand of market.

Characteristics of this product

High strength: Tempered glass is about 5 times stronger than  float glass

Safety: when tempered glass is broken, it turns into small grains, which can reduce or even avoid the danger of hurting people

Stability to heat: tempered glass can bear sudden temperature change to 200℃.

Product specifications

1. Flat tempered glass

Maximum size: 7000*3000mm

Minimum size: 300*300mm

Thickness: 5 ∽19 mm

2. Bent tempered glass

Maximum arc length: 3660(arc length)*3000mm(Height)

Minimum size: 500*300mm

Thickness: 5 ∽ 19 mm

Minimum diameter: 1100 ∽ 1800mm

Standard of the products

GB 15763.2-2005, Tempered Glass Standard, China

GB17841, Tempered and Harf Tempered Glass Standard for Wall, China

BS 6206 Safety Glass Standard


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