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Fire Proof Glass

Fire Proof Glass


Single fire-proof glass is  a special type of glass used as building materiaLS which has excellent light transmission performance and fire-retardant performance.On the condition of standard fire retardant experiment,fire-retardant performance has the characteristics of stopping the blaze from transmitting the fire proof glass when one side is on fire.

There are four levels for the single fire proof glass:

Ⅰlevel(≥90 min)  Ⅱlevel(≥60 min) Ⅲlevel(≥45 min) Ⅳlevel(≥30 min)

The fire proof glass produced in our factory can reach the C king, Ⅰlevel(≥90 min)



Fire retardant performance:the fire retardant performance of the single fire proof glass belongs to the C kind.

Safety performance:when broken,the fire proof glass will break into small grains with obtuse angles,preventing people from being hurt.

Intensity indexes:the intensity performance of single fire proof glass is much higher than single tempered glass.

Thermal stability:the single fire proof glass has a much better thermal stability than common tempered glass.



Maximum size:3000*2500mm

Minimum size:300*300mm


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