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Online Low Emissive Glass

Online Low Emissive Glass


The manufacture of the low-e glass is to paralyze organic metal compound through chemical vapor-phase depository coating technology so as to deposit them on float glass moving inside tin bath and back out furnace. Since the glass online is coated continuously under high temperature, it surface is not polluted. The LOW-E glass can be used in single layer or be further processed through tempering or thermal bending.


High visible transmittance: the low –e glass has neutral color high transmittance of visible light.

No light pollution: the online Low-E glass has low outside surface reflectance, energy efficient, environmental friendly and no light pollution.

Wide application: the Low-e glass is the best choice for doors and windows in the cold climate area. It also can be used in cars and trains.


Maximum size: 3660×2440mm

Minimum size: 300×300mm

Thickness: 4∽12mm

Standard of the products

GB/T 18915.2-2002 Online Low Emissive Glass Standard, China

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